Freezepop, Symbion Project


Symbion Project

Thu, July 12, 2018

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

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This event is 16 and over

Freezepop is a synthpop band from Boston, Massachusetts founded in 1999. The lineup includes Liz Enthusiam (Jussi Gamache) on vocals, The Other Sean T. Drinkwater on backing vocals, synths, and vocoder, and The Duke of Pannekoenen (Kasson Crooker) on programming. Freezepop's song Science Genius Girl was featured in the PlayStation 2 game Frequency and their song Super-Sprøde was featured in the game's sequel, Amplitude.
Freezepop won Best New Band in 2001 at the American Synthpop Awards and Best US Band in 2002.
The Duke of Pannekoeken was previously know as The Duke of Candied Apples and before that the Duke of Belgian Waffles. He is also the man behind Symbion Project and was a member of the alternative rock group Splashdown. In early June 2009, The Duke announced he was leaving the band.
The Other Sean T. Drinkwater is a clone of the original who was too busy with his first synthpop group Lifestyle (3), his solo work as Karacter, and his heavy metal group Godclaw.
In addition to singing, Liz Enthusiasm designs the art for the band's albums, designed their website and the website of Sean's other band Lifestyle, and has animated music videos for some of their songs.
Following the departure of The Duke, Seth Damascus-Kennedy aka Bananas-Foster was officially added to the lineup.
Symbion Project
Symbion Project
Symbion Project is the electronic music endeavor of Seattle-based artist/producer Kasson Crooker, creating dark, complex, eclectic electronic music. Constantly innovating his electronic compositions, Kasson has released 8 full length albums, numerous EPs, and remixes, each delving into a different genre drawing from downtempo, IDM/techno, synthpop/synthwave, ambient, and classical. Influenced by 80’s synthpop acts Depeche Mode and New Order, Massive Attack and Portishead in the 90’s, Royksopp and Air in the 00’s, Symbion Project strives to define it’s own aesthetic and songwriting style. In concert, Symbion Project melds live electronics with synchronized visual projections creating a synesthetic experience.
Venue Information:
Montage Music Hall
50 Chestnut St.
Rochester, NY, 14604